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DIVA DUDZ - a fashion asylum for those who want to shake up their wardrobe!
Transcend normality. Layer yourself in loveliness. Show up as exceptional. Be your own work of art.


I believe that each of us is like a canvas on which we paint our lives. A Life Artist always leaves something behind...an impression, something enigmatic about themselves that leaves people intrigued and wanting more. Diva Dudz does just that!

As a designer, I put my heart and soul into my work, so that each and every individual wearing their special custom piece will be looked over and over, and never overlooked. Each piece is unique and elegant. There is nothing more captivating than a woman wearing an edgy piece of clothing that makes them stand out in a crowd. As a mixed media artist, I use fabric, fibers, felting, beads and paint in my handcrafted designs. No project is ever ho-hum for me. I can hardly wait for each new day to design something dazzling for someone special!

As you view the products, keep in mind that you can request a customized piece if you don't see your size or color. Keep checking in, as new pieces are being added continually.

At the present time, the hats, felted handbags, scarves and shawls can be seen at Grandma's Spinning Wheel, located at 6544 E.Tanque Verde Rd, in Tucson, Arizona. 520-290-3738
Customizing for customers is a delight.

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